About Sam Rose

Sam Rose is the owner and lead designer at Sam Rose Design and Staging. A life-long passionate designer who loves to create elegant and stunning spaces, that are totally unexpected yet timeless, functional, and inviting. Her “fire” guides her to create unique interior design solutions for clients in the Madison area that are looking to sell their homes or just give their tired space a fresh, lively look!

My Mission

The goal of Sam Rose Design and Staging is to provide exceptional design services and work closely together with the client. The client comes first, the design comes after.
"I want to fulfill my client’s design desires and address any design issues they may have. My mission is to create unique interior spaces that are functional and cohesive. I want to give them something that will reflect their passion and lifestyle."

My Process

Everyone has specific tastes and ideas. I am all about making it happen! I will bring your wishes to life. Even if you are stuck and don’t have anything specific in mind - that’s okay! I will be more than happy to generate ideas for your space. We will first have a design consultation where you will tell me what you want your space to accomplish. Do you want a playful bedroom or a calm, neutral bedroom? We will discuss color, lighting, furniture pieces, etc. I will help you to transform your place into something amazing and enjoyable. I will work step by step so there are no surprises. Communication is key here...