My Story

I “love” and “live” design! Since I was a very young girl, I remember I was always decorating my dollhouse. I would make my own wallpaper with markers, and make tiny plants. I used to make my own dollhouse furniture with cardboard and paint it and cut small fabric pieces to make curtains and rugs. I would escape into another world. And I especially loved it when my mom told me to clean my room. I have to thank my mother for instilling great organizational skills at a very young age.

I was a very creative little girl! I’ve always had an eye for design - I am a very visual person. Every time I go to someone’s house, I start rearranging their furniture and painting their walls in my head. I make mental notes with pictures. For example, a floor lamp or a nice fake tree would look great in this corner. I can’t help it, it’s an automatic reflex. I guess you could say that I have been involved in interior decorating/designing most of my life! But only a couple of months professionally. You could say I was afraid to take a chance on my dreams. But I know for sure it’s my calling.

Design is my “ fire” - it is what stokes me! Sometimes I practice “redesign” or staging by visiting real estate websites to browse homes and see how they have been decorated. I will redesign it and maximize the home’s potential by bringing out the home’s best features.

I want to help clients that are finding it a challenge to find the perfect style that they will be happy with. First of all something such as lighting is so basic yet so vital in design. You have to let your space breathe - open those curtains and blinds and let that light in! Every situation is different, that’s the most beautiful part! That’s why I love designing so much - the process can be a little chaotic and unpredictable! It’s an art...anything that gets my creative juices flowing! I will use my creative design principles, while maintaining the client’s style, budget, and personality in their space. I have inspirational ideas that I will spill into the design process - I absolutely love color, nature, and animals! I want to bring all of that inside. If I have to design a beautiful, cozy bed for your pooch so it fits the room’s personality, there is no stopping me!  I love the initial brainstorming stage - the possibilities are endless. So many creative paths to take. I have varied sense of design styles, from elegant and peaceful to colorful and playful, but very tastefully done. So what’s your design style? Let me help make your design dream into a living reality…

~Sam Rose