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Artwork placement can make a big difference.
Here are the most common decorating and interior design mistakes that drive me and other designers crazy… 1. Art work that is hung too high The golden rule is to hang it at eye level. But if your a giant, then of course, by all means hang it as high as you like! For average
The Internet is truly an amazing leap forward in the democratization of information. Virtually anything you want to learn about is at your fingertips. Creative people have many avenues available to them through which they can share their work, and they make it look so easy! But, as we all know, appearances can be deceiving,
In the competitive, fast-paced Madison, WI real estate market, a home has to stand out to get noticed. If you’re like most people, you hire a real estate professional to handle the marketing and sale of your home. But, let’s be up front about things – not every home is in the ideal “location, location,