Services and Pricing

Sam Rose understands the nature of great design. It has many beautiful layers, surrounded by inspiring and colorful moments. Sam’s design vision has a variety of styles and structures, which balance creativity, comfort and functionality with a dose of romantic flair. For example, beautiful paint colors, gorgeous decor pieces, flowers and soft lighting can set the right mood.

Creating spaces to enhance the client’s living experience is the philosophy of Sam Rose Design and Staging. With an approach focused on the individual’s personal taste. She provides beautiful and amazing functional designs with maximum value to each client.

I proudly offer the following services:

Do you have any design dilemmas? Of course you do! This is where I get to know the client’s design fears and needs. It gives me a better idea of what they are looking for and what it is they need. This 30-minute consultation is done over the phone and is free. At this point, I can let them know if I am the right designer for them. If they decide to go with my services, I would draw up the contract and they would pay my initial deposit fee…

This is a $2000.00 package. This includes curb appeal, making the home feel more inviting. First, making the home sparkling clean, decluttering and rearranging the furniture for better flow. Showing off the home’s features like fireplace, big windows, and so on. This package will get your house ready for the market!

I will work with the client to enhance their space and make their setting more functional and healthy and teach them organizational skills along the way. Skills they will need to sustain their environment. My organizational services will be $75.00 per hour.

I will be beautifying the client’s home by using mostly what they have - from furniture, artwork to decorative accessories. But I will be enhancing their home with some supplemental purchases as well. This can involve painting or installing new lights.

Making small, inexpensive updates will make a big difference. I charge $75.00 per hour.

I can make your outdoor space, whether it’s a porch, patio, deck - look stunning. These spaces can add value to your home, plus make the space stylish enough to lounge and entertain. I will tastefully furnish it with outdoor furniture, sparkling lights, and beautifully landscape with colorful plants and flowers. Making it the ultimate relaxation spot. My outdoor space fee is $75.00 per hour.

No matter what size the room, we all know how difficult it is to arrange furniture. It can cause a design dilemma for sure. I can present different furniture layouts that would be suitable for your family without cramping your style. You pick which one would work the best! My furniture layout cost is $75.00 per hour.

I love color! Colors can impact us in such a big way - mixing the science of visual and psychological practices to come up with a happy, successful solution. My approach is to present complementary paint palettes while thoughtfully reviewing your space. And in the process, I will get to know what color palettes your drawn to. My color consultation rate is $75.00 per hour.

I will help you make your closet beautiful and functional. I am all about organization.

I’ve created some really gorgeous closet offices. I can help you implement good lighting and color - everything will be neatly stacked, folded, or hung. The price for revitalizing closets is $75.00 per hour.

Interior Painting is $75.00 per hour

Do you have a special project in mind? Call me now and let’s talk!