When a home is staged, it’s tweaked and freshened up before it goes on the market. By improving the property to make it more appealing to the wider market, and by minimizing flaws, a home stager can help a real estate agent sell homes quickly and for the highest price possible. While some staging companies offer DIY suggestions, others handle the process from start to finish. Here, homeowners and real estate agents will learn why home staging is important.

A Staged Home Sells Faster

    According to statistics, a staged home will sell up to 50% faster in most places. The longer a home remains on the market, the more likely it is that the owner will have to drop the asking price. When buyers see that a home’s price has been reduced, they may wonder if it’s because there’s something wrong with it. While home staging has upfront costs, it has benefits in terms of a faster sale.

It Leaves a Favorable First Impression

    As superficial as it may seem, people make judgments based on external appearances, and home buyers are no exception. A buyer’s first impression is usually the one they depart with, and when a home has been freshened up by a home stager, the property is presented in the best light possible.

Staging Helps Buyers Make Decisions
& Eliminates Guesswork

It’s a well-documented fact that home buyers typically make their minds up in a minute or less. With that important statistic in mind, sellers should ensure that the exterior of the home looks just as nice as the outside. When a home is well-staged inside and out, buyers quickly know whether they’re making the right decision.

Home staging helps buyers envision themselves in a home by making it look clean, but lived in. Buyers put significant emphasis on this aspect in light of all the other work they’ll have to do to move into a new home. When homes are staged, buyers get visual confirmation of their move-in readiness.

Giving Buyers the Full Picture

    Most buyers are unable to visualize a home’s potential. They see only what’s in front of them now, and if it’s dirty, outdated, and cluttered, that’s all they’ll see. However, if a buyer can see what a home may become, a seller won’t be penalized for the cost, work, and effort it will take to get the property to match their vision.

Gaining an Advantage Over Competitors

As mentioned before, a staged home sells faster and for a higher price. Real estate agents find it easier to show staged homes, which gives sellers more exposure. Therefore, a staged home has a competitive advantage over one that’s not staged.

Work with an Expert for a Better Appraisal

Like everyone else, home appraisers use visual cues to make judgments. When a home is properly staged the appraiser is more likely to see it in a positive light, which means a higher appraised value.

The first and most crucial step in selling a home is to partner with the right team of professionals. Choosing a reputable, well-known agent who can successfully market the home is important, and staging can reinforce the agent’s efforts. Start today by visiting the main page or calling for more information.